Model Baju Batik Lurik

Model Baju Batik Lurik: Trendy Fashion in Indonesia Indonesia is a country with a rich cultural heritage. One of the most popular traditional clothing is batik. Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to cloth. It is a UNESCO recognized intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Batik comes in many patterns and styles, and one of the most popular is batik lurik. In this article, we will discuss model baju batik lurik and how it has become a trendy fashion in Indonesia. What is Batik Lurik? Batik lurik is a type of batik that uses a striped pattern. The stripes are usually vertical and have the same width. The stripes can be of different colors, but they are usually earthy colors like brown, black, and white. The pattern is created by applying wax on the cloth in the shape of the stripes, and then dying the cloth. The wax is removed to reveal the pattern. Why is Batik Lurik Popular? Batik lurik is popular because it is versatile and suitable for many occasions. You can wear it to formal events, like weddings or meetings, and also for casual events, like hanging out with friends or going to the mall. It is also comfortable to wear, especially in Indonesia’s hot and humid weather. How to Style Batik Lurik? Batik lurik can be styled in many ways. For a formal look, you can wear a batik lurik shirt with trousers or a skirt. You can also wear a batik lurik dress for a more feminine look. For a casual look, you can wear batik lurik shorts or a batik lurik shirt with jeans. You can also accessorize with a batik lurik scarf or bag. Where to Buy Batik Lurik? You can buy batik lurik in many places in Indonesia. You can find it in traditional markets, malls, or online shops. You can also buy it directly from batik artisans. If you want to support local artisans, you can visit Yogyakarta or Solo, which are known for their batik industry. Conclusion In conclusion, batik lurik is a popular traditional clothing in Indonesia. It is versatile, comfortable, and suitable for many occasions. You can style batik lurik in many ways, and you can buy it in many places in Indonesia. If you want to experience Indonesian culture, you should try to wear batik lurik.